Petal KK Marketing Architects

Recent clients

 The customer is the person (yes - a person) who pays money into the organisation. Not those who manipulate the money. Nor those who resell. 
Our newest clients - late 2011 - are in Vietnam - we are working with AMR group to bring our skills to the hugely exciting Vietnamese market. Watch this space.
We continue very satisfying work with a major pharma client to build their strategy towards their patients. 
We continue to work with a major player in the financial sector who is looking to expand his geographic footprint in ways which will delight the customer rather than just the financial sector. Great fun and very satisfying. 
Since early 2003, Petal KK's principal client has been one of the world’s main players in edible oils.
The job was to establish a retail presence in the Indian Edible Oils market, and examine the potential in other geographies. We identified the market structure for edible oils, the consumer profile, the existing competition. From this we assessed the opportunity for a current or potential offering.
In India, Petal KK’s rôle was to:

These tasks were successfully completed by November 2005 and Petal KK is now retained as the marketing strategy policeman, currently overseeing the extension of the edible oils project in India and launching brands in new categories in Vietnam and China as well as overseeing marketing development in other Asian markets.