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Roger Brookin
 Roger Brookin
Until 1995, I was Unilever's chief marketing strategist in Asia Pacific, a board director in Japan, and enjoyed life as a senior manager. 
Amongst the things I am most proud of from that period are:
  • Adapting Timotei shampoo to the Japanese market: it became market leader 
  • Conceptualising, designing and launching the Lux toiletries range: until then Lux had been limited to toilet soap
  • Importing 40 tons of salmon a week from Scotland
  • Setting up a consumer insight network across Asia Pacific
  • Providing hands on marketing strategy support in Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, China and Australia

In 1996 I took (very) early retirement to form Petal KK to concentrate on assisting a wider range of clients in Asia Pacific, and to devote more time to my wife, dogs and music.

But I founded Petal KK, which has brought a customer focussed strategic marketing vision to companies large and small in all sectors, using of state of the art marketing tools to develop and guide actionable marketing strategy. 

I have teamed with adventurer Anthony Willoughby, artist Kristin Newton, and maestro Robert Rÿker to make CampFire work (a corporate strategy counselling service), with Tomas Nguyen in Vietnam to establish a quality research and strategy group there, and am actively pursuing the better use of English in business (RUE). 



My music includes the Tokyo Sinfonia

A dog
 my dog
and wife
 my wife
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