Petal KK Marketing Architects


Really Using... The practical “Really Using…” series of skill training seminars include “Really Using Marketing”, which explains why and how to do marketing and branding, “RUResearch”, guiding the cost effective use of Marketing Research, RUTraining” which sharpens the whole training effort,  and “RUEnglish”, turning the English you know, into the English you need.


Together with Robert Rÿker, we have specific programmes built to Help Orchestras Bloom. 

Our special events include Leading from the Rostrum, a leadership seminar with Maestro Rÿker, and Oh Yes You Can Draw!, a five day workshop with Kristin Newton.

The English Garden, where young learners enjoy English and music to unlock the world around them), is blooming, with sales ramping up here and in the USA


CampFire is the driver of our contacts with new clients whilst Petal KK keeps driving the ideas.

Our pro bono work for the Tokyo Sinfonia takes up a lot of time and creativity, but is vastly rewarding.

Vietnam is a massive excitement, with the AMR group, and in China our ties remain with Brainet, a leading advertising agency whom we have been with since their startup.

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