Petal KK Marketing Architects

Petal KK and CampFire


CampFire is built on the belief that people have more ability than they recognise - it just needs unearthing and focussing. Then it sets out to prove it by spending a day learning to draw.  By the end of the first day, participants not only have drawn a self portrait they can be proud of,  but they have learned to look at themselves and the issues facing them with Fresh Eyes.  

Armed with that skill, and the sense of pride and accomplishment it brings,  participants are guided to find and use the basic "Rocks" of getting things done, in general and then for their specific problem. 

CampFire brings specific expertise in a number of areas - including business strategy, marketing, communication, teaching youngsters and orchestra development. 

Roger's one on one mentoring stimulates people to focus their abilities in a productive way, and without being formulaic helps them to implement sound marketing based business practices to achieve their goals.

"Unleash the wisdom, knowledge and experience which people already have."