Petal KK Marketing Architects

Really Using...

Hands on training to translate CampFire's Strategic Vision in to practical action

Really Using

A series of skills workshops and training courses to put the principles, concepts and strategies into productive use for the business. 

Really Using Marketing

Practical, hands on and detailed advice of how to translate Marketing (Strategy) into Branding (Action).  Including blueprints, systems and  activities to deliver added value to the buyer.  

Really Using English

Focus on English as a means of communication, to enhance business and personal effectiveness, by harnessing and enhancing existing knowledge. 

Really Using Research

Managing market research to understand the customer, consumer and competitor using lean, cost effective and actionable tools. Focus on briefing, best practice and turning data into knowledge 

Really Using Training

Integrated training courses to deliver focussed business orientated results. Let team building and bonding emerge as collateral rather primary goals. Focus on engagement and inspiration, as well as skills. 


And two special inspirational workshop events:

Leading from the Rostrum 

Maestro Rÿker reveals his unique insights on how leading an orchestra throws light on leading a company. With musical illustrations from the Tokyo Sinfonia. 

Oh Yes You Can Draw! 

An amazing workshop which give you the skills of drawing - culminating in creating your own self portrait. A five day intensive workshop by Kristin Newton which really works.

The Tokyo Sinfonia and Kristin's workshops can also be integrated into other activities ranging from CSR to celebratory events.

The Really Using … series is especially suited to local adaptation, and Petal is very happy to provide “train the trainer” facilities.